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Gold Cap 2147483647 Grumbo'z Fix

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Gold Cap 2147483647 Grumbo'z Fix

Post by Grumbo on Wed Dec 03, 2014 7:43 pm

as we all know a players gold limit is a uint32 value with a max limit of 2147483647 copper.
so far all the fixes out there are ... well.... kinda noobish.
so after some research and a better understanding of the possible conflicts .
I re-wrote the whole ModifyMoney() method. when ever a player receives +/- copper the method will now check if its at or above the limit and convert the value to an uint64 THEN calculate for compensation. now all I have to do is make an item worth 50k gold buy/sell and add the id to the worldserver.conf file. yea no re-compiling every time you decide to use a different item, just change it in the worldserver.conf and restart core.
Very Happy
we will currently be using the item `Wolf Coin` worth 50k gold.
it will automatically use the Sell Price of the item to calculate how many to compensate the player with.
this also has the guild looter added to it . now x.x% of all profits will go to a player guild bank. currently set to 0.05%.

exclusively only for realm 1.


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