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Grumbo'z portable Arathi Basin System.

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Grumbo'z portable Arathi Basin System.

Post by Grumbo on Sat Jan 10, 2015 10:12 am

a recreation of Arathi Basin.
this script allows you to take a map/zone and multiple area's and spawn flags that teams must capture and hold. the one with the most controlled flags wins .
map/zone/areas completely adjustable.
flag spawn locations 100% adjustable.
amount of Game Objects spawned is 100% adjustable.
this doesn't require any dependent sql file for custom Game Objects . this uses OEM Game Objects.

this system will spawns temporary pre-battle enclosures for each team and teleport the players inside there team enclosure when it starts its prep-time timer.

when the battle begins these wall de-spawn . the players objective is to seek out flags and capture as many as they can. flags require channeling time just like arathi basin flags.
this system auto checks population to determine if there are enough players in the area's. the required amount of players per team is an adjustable feature you can change in the script.

For Trinity Core2 3.3.5a with Eluna.

script type: Lua Eluna.
skill level: Medium+ 3D tables, dbc edits.
line count: 1075

price 40.00 usd. found here:

1 copy of script.
1 file of the custom worldstate.dbc entry.
preliminary tech support for setup and guidance.

this is a large, dynamic, adjustable system. 

inqueries contact me 'slp13at420' via --->


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