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GM Rules List

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GM Rules List Empty GM Rules List

Post by Grumbo on Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:16 pm

Game-master Guidelines
1.   Always get a screenshot of someone breaking a rule before giving them their consequence..

2.    When you logon, check the open tickets first, this will be your top priority regarding helping people in game.
3.    Since the recent updates, any GM under the rank of 2 will obey any objective given by their higher ranks. Now, this includes (DeadByDawn).
4.    Do not try to use ANY derogatory chat or anything in that nature. Be respectful.
5.    Any player with an obscene name must 1 recieve a warning about it .2 then give a force rename. If they refuse to rename themselves. Ban the character name and send the information to a higher GM.
6.    Hackers, Item exploiters and Scammers MUST be banned instantly without hesitation.
7.    Do not use any commands if your participating a battleground for your own personal gain.
8.    If there is a ticket you cannot complete assign it to a Higher ranking Game Master who can.
9.    DO NOT close tickets without dealing with the issue first.
10.    Any Game Master abuse reported by players will be taken as a serious issue and you will be brought in for questioning.
11.   Anyone enquiring about becoming a Game Master will recieve no answer. We will search for Game Masters ourselves by play time and player conduct.
12.   All decisions about promotions and demotions will be discussed thoroughly by Grumbo.
13.   If you get into a feud with another Game Master report it to a Head Game Master and they will speak with you and the other Game Master.
14.   Being harassed happens it can't be helped. Warn the person if they do it. If they continue mute them for  10 minutes. If they do not cease and desist mute them ban them for an hour.
15.   Reviving NPC such as bosses for their loot for yourself and/or other players is forbidden. You must wait for the respawn timer just like everyone else.
16.   Asking for a higher rank or items from another Game Master can and probably will result in the loss of your status. Your here to help people not yourself.
17.   Simple tickets such as "GM please help me" You have permission to close it without a response. Only answer tickets which contain the issue. (We don't want you wasting time)
18.    In WSG there is to be NO GY camping whatsoever, that means no sniping from bottom of the hill under the GY, sniping means  shooting / abilites / spells or anything like that to attack a person in there own GY,
      anyone seen is to be given a verbal warning to stop immediately, if they dont stop when a GM tells them to you .kick (playername) (reason) them from the WSG, if they are seen to do it again after you have kicked them,
      warn them again to stop, if they dont stop you .ban character (name) (reason) 1d, there will be no arguing about it to the player, they must follow the rules set out by the admins and enforced by the GM`s in game.
All of these rules MUST be followed if not you may risk the loss of you Game Master status.

Reminder - All commands used by Game Masters are tracked in the database and read every day.

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