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[CPP] EmuDevs Premium System

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[CPP] EmuDevs Premium System

Post by Grumbo on Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:18 pm

EmuDev`s Community Premium System

Brought to you by the EmuDevs community
for the EmuDevs community.

This is a feature rich advanced Premium System was designed with the help and suggestions from the EmuDevs community.
Ideas by:
@Jeremiassen1 , @Wolord , @Portals , @jonmii , @Kaev , @Vitrex , @slp13at420 .
Code by:
Lead Programmer: @slp13at420 .
2nd Primary Programmer: @Tommy .
Programming Guideance provided by:
@Grandelf , @Rochet2 .

As an Admin you will be able to completely customize this system to your preferences.
As the Admin using the worldserver.conf custom entries you will be able to ,allow,deny,adjust most features.
The Admin can:

  • account or character Premium type: -- Via sql DB mod -- 

    • the admin can set this to either be an Account based Premium System or a Character based Premium System.

  • Permanant or timed Premium rank: -- Via sql DB mod -- 

    • the Premium rank can be set to either a permanant or a timed experation.

      • timed duration is set in the worldserver.conf mod in days.
      • default is 30 days.

  • an item can be used to set a Premium rank active. -- Via sql DB mod -- 

    • if a player has the item while all ready having an active Premium rank, it will
      tell them how long thill there Premium rank expires (months,days,hours,minutes,seconds).

  • Active/Inactive Premium rank Title. -- Via DBC mod --
  • active/inactive OnDuelEnd reset HP and Mana.
  • active/inactive HP increase.
  • active/inactive XP increase.
  • active/inactive Reputation increase.
  • learn/unlearn class spells.
  • appear command.
  • appear DnD command.

  • npc commands:

    • `info` will provide information about a selected npc.

  • active/inactive fast logout for Premium ranked players. -- Via core mod --
  • Active/Inactive Water Breathing. -- Via core mod --
  • Active/Inactive nil Fall Damage. -- Via core mod --
  • Active/Inactive Items can require the player to have an active Premium rank. -- Via sql DB mod --

  • Premium Commands:

    • an Admin command to set a Premium rank active/unactive.
    • Reset TP with no cost.

      • Extra TP. -- Via core mod -- 

        • amount adjustable in the worldserver.conf.

    • set drink/drunk/sober.
    • Repair items with no cost.
    • Character customization:

      • Race.
      • Faction.
      • Customizing.

    • Buff's.

      • 24 total buff's.

    • Premium only chat channel.
    • Player can Activate/Deactivate there Premium Title tag.
    • Teleport: -- Via sql DB mod -- 

      • 1 teleport for a Premium location.
      • 1 teleport for a Premium Mall.
      • 1 player setable teleport.

  • Player Methods:

    • IsPlayerPremium(player)
    • GetPlayerPremiumId(player)
    • AddPremiumToPlayer(player)
    • RemovePremiumFromPlayer(player)

  • Active/Inactive Items ca require player to have an active Premium rank.

    • Item methods:

      • IsItemPremium(item)
      • UpdateItemPremiumValue(item, value)

    • Active/Inactive increased copper drop.
    • Active/Inactive Guild Loot percentage(% goes to guild bank)

I will try and keep this as self-contained as possible , but some things can only be done by editing the core a bit.

-- Via core mod -- all required Core mods listed above are provided in rich text files with simple easy-to-see easy-to-read colored edits.
-- Via sql DB mod -- all required sql mods listed above are provided in rich text files with simple easy-to-see easy-to-read instructions.
-- Via DBC mod -- all required dbc file mods listed above are provided in rich text files with simple easy-to-see easy-to-read colored instructions.

By the time you are done turning on/off features you will have a unique setup Very Happy.

©️ This is an only release. ©️
©️ do not remove or change credits©️
©️ dont share this System outside this community without Grumbo'z prior approval ©️
©️ Dont re-release as yours or anothers work ©️

3.3.5a, CPP script, TrinityCore, Trinity Core, Premium System, Premium, wotlk

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