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Cool [CPP] Grumbo'z VIP System

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Cool [CPP] Grumbo'z VIP System

Post by Grumbo on Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:03 pm

Grumbo'z VIP System

--Built Tested and Approved for TrinityCore C++--

Version 3.15

This is the VIP Engine PLUS+ many cool features :

  • This allows for an adjustable Max VIP level (default 6).

    • Can be adjusted in your worldserver.conf.

  • VIP can be increased by a one-time-use item.

    • a simple item that will increase a player's VIP level +1 then gets removed from there inventory. if the player has already reached the Max VIP Level then the item responds accordingly and does nothing else.

  • VIP can also be increased by Voting:

    • Can be turned on/off in the worldserver.conf.

  • An item that displays a players VIP stats `VIP Token`.

    • a simple item that displays a players VIP stats but also will allow them access to other features by just possessing one in there inventory.

  • Includes commands `.vip`:

    • 3 different teleports:

      • 2 mall teleports.(pre-stored faction mall, global mall)

        • Global mall `.vip mall`.
        • Faction mall `.vip home`.

      • 1 player stored teleport.(player storeable) `.vip hearthstone`.

    • scale command:

      • `.vip change scale x` where x is a size between 0.1 to 10.0.

    • morph command:

      • `.vip morph x` where x is an id.

    • demorph command:

      • `.vip demorph` demorphs a character.

    • repair command:

      • `.vip repair` (Player Requirement : VIP Token) sql included.

    • race, faction and char customizing commands:

      • `.vip change race` use to change race. Requires a re-log.
      • `.vip change faction` use to change character faction. Requires a re-log.
      • `.vip change custom` use to recustomize your character. Requires a re-log.

    • extra levels per VIP rank:

      • Can be turned on/off in the conf.

  • Creatures can drop mg:

    • Use the custom `mg` entry in `creature_template`. (sql entries posted below) Use to set a base value of `mg` drop for selected creatures. A creature with an `mg` value of 0 wont drop `Magic Gold`.
    • Use the custom `vip` entry in `creature_template`. The creature's VIP will be used as an added bonus, by using it as a random multiplier i.e (drop * urand(1, creature_vip)) the drop can be multiplied (1 to creature_vip) , after that the player's VIP level will be used as an added fixed multiplier i.e. (drop * urand(1, creature_vip) * player_vip_level) . setting a creatures VIP to 1 will allways produce a random 1 since its picking a random number from 1 to 1 lol.

  • Items can require a minimum VIP rank to use:

    • Use the custom `vip` entry in `item_template` to set a minimum required VIP level to equip the item.

  • easy to read colored installation instructions.
  • easy to edit config's.

If you haven't updated your DB AND core for big stats and have issues with stats going wacky and possibly loosing value. Here is a link to @frost 's tutorial for editing your core for big stats:

Eluna Methods

For those who enjoy the easy to use Eluna Engine I have added Methods for the Eluna Engine.

  • Global Methods:

    • Getters

      • GetVIPMAX(); returns uint8 max VIP rank value.
      • GetVIPVOTE_ENABLE(); returns bool value of ?can votes increase VIP rank?.
      • GetVIPVOTECOUNT(); returns uint32 value of ?how many votes change VIP rank?.
      • GetVIPCOINID(); returns the uint32 item id used for the VIP Coins.
      • GetVIPSTONEID(); returns the uint32 item id used for the VIP stone.
      • GetVIPMGID(); returns the uint32 item id used for the Magic Gold.
      • GetVIPOFFSET(); returns float value used to influence stats.
      • GetTALENTBONUS(); returns the uint8 values of how many extra TP per VIP rank.
      • GetLEVELBONUS(); returns the uint8 value of how many extra levels per VIP rank.
      • GetLEVELBONUS_ENABLE(); returns bool value of ?allow extra levels per VIP rank?.

    • Setters

      • No setters since all these values are set in the worldserver.conf file.
        I may add setters for these but understand they would be for testing
        purposes only since they are hard stored in the World conf file.

  • Player Methods:

    • Getters

      • player:GetPlayerVIP(); returns uint8 value of a player's VIP rank;
      • player:GetPlayerMG(); returns a uint32 value of a player's total stored mg.
      • player:GetPlayerVOTES(); returns uint32 value of a players total votes.

    • Setters

      • player:SetVIP(uint8_value); changes a players VIP rank to the provided uint8 value .
      • player:SetMG(uint32_value); sets a player's stored mg value to the provided uint32 value .
      • player:SetVOTES(uint32_value); changes a players total vote count to the provided uint32 value .

  • Item Methods:

    • Getters

      • item:GetItemVIP(); returns the uint8 value of an item's VIP

    • Setters

      • item:SetItemVIP(uint8_value); changes the item's VIP rank to the provided uint8 value .

  • Creature Methods:

    • Getters

      • creature:GetCreatureVIP(); returns the uint8 value of a creature's VIP
      • creature:GetCreatureMG(); returns the uint32 value of a creatures drop mg.

    • Setters

      • creature:SetCreatureVIP(uint8_value); changes the creature's VIP rank to the provided uint8 value .
      • creature:SetcreatureMG(uint32_value); changes the creatures drop mg count to the provided uint32 value .

>> Eluna Mod'z included <<

3.3.5a, CPP script, TrinityCore, Trinity Core, VIP System, VIP, wotlk

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