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Grumbo'z Capture the Flag System

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Grumbo'z Capture the Flag System

Post by Grumbo on Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:58 pm

This is a Realm wide or single location capture the flag game.
a team flag will spawn at each teams throne room. then a neutral Realm flag will spawn.
the object is to grab your team flag and then seek out the realm flag and tag it while holding your team flag to claim the realm for your team.
you can either set the system to spawn the flag in the same location every time OR you can set it to re-spawn at a randomly picked location.
you can also set the system to pause between rounds or go non-Stop Action with out any pausing between rounds.
you can set the system to allow the location name be announced to the controlling team OR both the controlling team and assaulting team.

For Trinity Core2 3.3.5a with Eluna.
script type: Lua/Eluna
skill level:low+ : mild variable and 3d table editing.
price: 10.00 usd

1 copy of script.
1 sql file for objects.
preliminary tech support for setup.

inquiries  contact me 'slp13at420' via -->


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