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[ALE] Grumbo`z Guild Warz `Tides of War`

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[ALE] Grumbo`z Guild Warz `Tides of War`

Post by Grumbo on Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:21 pm

Grumbo'z Guild Warz
'Tides of War'

WoW's Bloodiest
Guild House/Plot System

This is NOT your Grandpa's Guild House System.

--Built For ArcEmu 3.3.5a ALE--


    /wɔː/   noun 

    • 1. Open armed conflict between two or more parties, nations, or states related adjectives belligerent martial. 

  • This allows Guild Masters to purchase multiple locations based on map id/area id/zone id for xx guild coins.  when a location is purchased a flag will spawn based on team ally/horde. 

    • Guild members can invade Guild locations from apposing team Guilds and attempt to tag there flag. if a guildmember tags the flag of an apposing team, that location will transfer ownership including all npc's/go's in that location to the Guild that tagged the flag.

    • "FEATURE" "No-Tag-Flag Timer." Flags cant be captured until a preset timer expires.

      • May be turned on/off and time adjusted live in game.

  • Guild masters can place a BIG ol' Guild Hall at each location for xx Guild coins. (To have Hall's you must have guards)

    • Halls are faction based and id's can be changed in the DB.(GOB ID's 500004 Ally, 500005 Horde)

  • Guild masters can place up to xx guild pigs. (to have pigs you must have a farm)

    • "PERK" "Pig Payz" Each pig will pay xx gold to all guild members online per half hour. 

  • Guild masters can place guards at each location to protect there flag for xx guild coin each. guards will announce location id when in combat so guild members can tele to location. guards are disposable and wont respawn when killed. (to have guards you must have a barracks)

    • "FEATURE" "Flag Require." Invaders MUST clear ALL guards to be able to claim flag.

      • May be turned on/off live in-game.

  • Guild members can display information about the location they are at.

  • Guild members can list all the areas owned by there guild by location id.

    • "PERK" "Guild Teleporter" Guild members can easily teleport to any of there guild's locations using the location's id.

  • "PERK" "New Guild Gift" Newly formed Guilds will be gifted xx amount of Guild Coins to the Guild Master to get started with. 
  • "PERK" Guild masters can now buy barracks to support guards.

    • barracks require a pig farm to support them.
    • Barracks are faction based and display id's can be changed in the DB.(GOB ID's 500002 Ally, 500003 Horde)

  • "PERK" Guild masters can now buy farms to support buying pigs.

    • Farms are faction based and display id's can be changed in the DB.(GOB ID's 500000 Ally, 500001 Horde)

  • "PERK" Guild masters can now buy a Guild hall.

    • To buy a guild hall you must have at least 1 barracks at the location to defend it.

  • "CMD" Guild master can customize most guild accessible commands in-game.
  • "CMD" Guild master can change access level for buy commands in-game.
  • "CMD" Guild masters can change access level for sell commands in-game.
  • "CMD" Admin can customize most GM commands and SYSTEM settings in-game.
  • "CMD"  Admin can change access level for GM commands in-game and the sql.

NOW Supports multi-realm servers. now you can run this on multiple realms . just add the DB table and re-name it then edit the DB name variable `guild_warz_DB` in the start of the script so each realms script matches there individual DB table.

All variables "xx" ,  (item, npc, gob)ID's, GM access levels, Guild Member access levels, prices, limits and commands
 can easily be changed LIVE in-game, or the sql. 

Ally Location:

Horde Location:

>> The Wiki <<

all commands can be altered easily in-game and the Sql table.
:eek: all limits and costs can be altered easily in-game and the Sql table.
:eek: Commands function only while using Guild Chat. :eek:

🤺 "Welcome to :yield: my nightmare" 🤺
"I think your gonna like it"

Back to Basics .....bounce:eyebrows:

`...and so his Guildmates roared and cheared as he mounted the bloody head of another fallen Guild  leader in there Great Hall.`


!! Raid !! Plunder !! Pilage !!

!! it's bloody frak'n Anarchy !!

"covered with dren."

"cuz PvP is allways better with a bag 'o' weed"

special thanks to these guyz:

Rochet2 -- lotta guideance n redo's of my stuff.
Foereaper -- huge re-write of major parts for efficiency and speed.
Grandelf1 -- for the teleporter that inspired this whole idea !BUMP!.
Greone -- un-ending testing and all that video footage.
Freedom -- testing,testing,testing and all round great help.

things like these cannot be done alone . thank you guyz.

Additional thanks to:

Creativextent -- for the Newly formed guilds perk idea - adjustable guild command access idea

foxthecrash -- for the No-Tag-Flag Timer idea

without these guys assistance, testing, guidance and ideas it would never have been possible to create this high-tech slick responsive power house system it is now. thank you every one.  :first:   :clap2:    :rockon:

My twisted dark bloody idea of a Guild Plot System

"Cuz PvP's better with a bag 'o' weed"
!! King Spade !!

-Guild Plot System-
Grumbo'z Guild Warz


-VIP System-
Grumbo'z VIP System


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